Playlist Livin’

So my college fellowship has established a theme for our 2013-2014 academic year. It’s called Personal Spiritual Playlist, which is essentially a “playlist” (or set) of “songs” (or activities) under different “genres” (or spiritual disciplines) that bring 1. joy and 2. me closer to God. 

Per my best friend’s request, I am going to post my set of songs here 1. for accountability and 2. to encourage you to create your own! So here’s my playlist (numbered) under each genre (bolded)

Prayer/ Worship
1. Wake up 20 mins earlier each day for devotional and prayer
2. Have a coffee date with God on Wednesday mornings between classes
3. Make the sabbath a time for true spiritual rejuvenation through prayer and physical rest
4. Fast one day of the month and give what I would have eaten to the homeless
5. Tithe 10%
6. Honor my mom and dad by communication and intentional prayer for them
7. Share my sins and stay accountable with a small group/best friend
8. Love my roommates by cooking for them and serving them without expected return, showing them God’s love
Spiritual Rejuvenation
9. Staying on track with my blogging as a means of cultivating joy
10. Have meaningful and enjoyable time on the weekends with my close friends while honoring God


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