I’m baaaack

Hi there.

Where was I? I bet you were wondering. Or I don’t know– maybe that thought never crossed your mind.

I was enduring winter quarter.

It was tough. It was long. It was cold and probably not rainy enough. I was up, I was down, I was enduring… like I said.

There were in fact some beautiful things that came out of winter quarter 2014, however. I took my first university journalism class taught by a reporter for the Sacramento Bee, and I’ve just got to say, it opened up a lot of doors. As an aspiring reporter, I thrived off of the attention from a professional and the ability to flex my journalistic muscles every week.

I got the opportunity to tie my love for journalism with my love for homeless ministry and ended up writing a long-form piece on homelessness in Davis. It’ll be published in The Davis Beat in the next week or so and I’ll be sure to post a copy and a link. I can’t wait to show it off! 🙂

So… to make a reappearance on my own blog, I am here to tell you my spring quarter resolutions. I just read a similar blogpost about spring resolutions and, in the nicest way possible, it was awful. So, here’s my humble attempt to offer something a little more insightful.

During spring quarter 2014 I want to…

1. Read more of the Bible. Of recreational books. Of my textbooks. I’m not exactly the best at sitting down and focusing on a book and finishing it. Textbooks have never really been my thing. And, as much as I love immersing myself in the Scripture, sometimes I think I could do it more often and for longer lengths of time. The weather in Davis during the spring is so nice, I might as well lay out on the quad with bookS regularly.

2. Run. In the mornings. Yeah… so as much as I love running, I hate it in the mornings most of the time. The thought of getting out of my cozy bed and shedding my pajamas only to enter the cold, dewey outdoors and a land of sweaty stank… well, it’s not really pleasant. BUT as of the first two days of my quarter, this goal has seen some success. Although I have swapped my outdoor runs in for some pounding on the treadmill thus far, I will slowly make the transition to a more natural setting.

3. See new things and go new places. I am a hermit sometimes, I must admit. I invite my friends to my place to avoid having to go out and leaving the comfort of my green, suede couch. I often think of how pleasant a day trip to the city or to a new town would sound, but when it comes down to it, eh there are things to do in Davis too.

This quarter, I want to see San Francisco, Sacramento, Napa, and bust out of my comfort zone. When given the opportunity to experience something or somewhere new, I am resolute to not say “no.”

4. Be bold in my faith everyday, all the time, everywhere I go. In my head, I’m on fire for Jesus. In my home, I’m on fire for Jesus. In church, I’m on fire for Jesus. In my fellowship and ministries and Christian friend groups, I am on fire for Jesus. But then, I get into the classroom or work or newspaper setting and I’m not quite so bold. Sure, I’ll tell people I’m a Christian when asked or give them the reasons why I believe what I believe. But I can’t say I boldly profess the Gospel in every life arena.

I was especially convicted of this while reading Acts. The men of the earliest church constantly faced adversity. They were constantly told they were idiots and blasphemous for spreading the Word of God; but they said, “We must obey God rather than any human authority (Acts 5:29),” when told to shut up and stop spreading this message. And they thanked God and rejoiced when he “counted them worthy to suffer disgrace for the name of Jesus. (5:41)”

Meanwhile, I’m worried that someone will judge me for being a Christian or have something negative to say to me. This quarter, I pray I be as humbled and bold in my faith as Peter and the apostles.

5. Meet (more) homeless people. If you’ve spent any extended time with me in conversation… or if you’ve read my blog… you’ve probably heard me say, “I really have a heart for homeless people.” Which is true. Very, very true. The last few months I’ve been to shelters and meal and simply just gone out onto the street to meet these people and get to know their life stories. I’ve become close friends with around 5, but want to continue to get to know the homeless community in Davis.

If you’re interested in joining, just let me know.

So yeah… those are my resolutions. Pray for me as I attempt to have a better quarter than the last.

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done.” Phillipians 4:6


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