Overwhelmed by God’s Love in the Tenderloin


Hi all! 

I arrived home last night from a week in the Tenderloin at SF City Impact. I am thinking and feeling so much after the trip. I almost feel like coming back to Davis is a surreal experience – like I’ve been sucked into a whirlwind of God’s love and spirit for a week and all of a sudden flung back to my everyday reality. In additional to a total shift in the spiritual environment, things are just very different here at home. I am greatly underwhelmed (yet in a sense overwhelmed) by a lack of strong odors and sirens and screaming and drugs, a whole lot of quiet and a ton of space. 

I realize, in returning home, that I have learned so much from my week… Too much to share in one post. I’ve experienced a completely new world and taken from it a new perspective on living a life centered on Jesus. So what I’ve decided, given that I have so much to share, is that I am going to break it up a bit. I plan on taking each day’s journal entry, share it with you, and expanding upon it a bit with my hindsight perspective in the next 4-5 days. 

But if I am to say just one thing that would summarize my week, it would be this: God’s love is so great and wide and strong and undiscriminating! No one is the exception to this love and nothing can separate us from His love, grace, mercy, faithfulness. I think Romans 8 encompasses the lessons of my week very effectively.

This all sounds very cliche, very Sunday morning, if you will, and I realize that reading these words will mean and will your heart less than living and experiencing these words. But my prayer for everyone reading this post is that God inspires you and allows you to experience this great love. 

I am so overjoyed and blessed by my week in the TL. I am excited beyond words for how I can apply what I have learned to life and also just to share these things with you and my loved ones. 

Enjoy the posts to come! 


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