Here’s My Story: Finding God on the Streets


One of the women from my church community – whom I have silently and distantly adored for the past several months – recently asked me to write a guest post for her blog. As an avid follower, I bursted into a little happy dance on the beach upon getting the request via my iPhone. I’ve been avidly following Bronwyn’s blog since this last fall and have found tons of hope and wisdom in her witty, thoughtful words. ( 

However, with her request, she gave me some guidelines and a prompt. I must write about words in my life that positively affected me. I could immediately think about a lot of negative words in my life that negatively affected, but very few – well, none – that deeply “changed my world” were positive. How sad. 

I labored for a month and a half. Then, finally it came to me. It was right before my eyes and I had just been digging too hard. 

So, here is it. The words that changed my world:

It was my freshman year of college when I began to take initiative in my faith.

A series of “college experiences” gone sour led me on a path to a on-campus Christian fellowship. Despite growing up in the church, I had never experienced such a group and I was both intrigued and inspired. I immediately began immersing myself into this community of young people who were sharing their lives together and living with an indescribable fire.

As I grew in relationship with God and fellow believers in the following months, I came to understand the realness of my faith. It was more than just a book filled with intangible theories and moral codes, it was life. And I was finally ready to make it my life. 

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If you could, I’d really appreciate your feedback. Thanks all! 


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