I’m Brenna and this is my blog: An Interview with Existence.


I am a girl chasing after Jesus. He is transforming my life and teaching me things about myself every day through his grace-filled and passionate love. I am also a student at UC Davis studying communications, professional writing, and managerial economics (call me crazy). In the time I am not student-ing, I love to run. I’ve ran two half marathons, but to be honest, they burn me out… so I think I’m transferring to 10Ks. I also spend a great amount of time cooking and eating. I like food. Food is a great gift from God. : ) I love to read, write, think, and be outdoors. I like alone time and driving off to a small, nowheresville town to get coffee and be invisible when I feel stressed. I love coffee… speciality coffee. I dream of escaping to the wild – the mountains, the ocean, either or both. I have a strange obsession with tiny homes. There’s certainly more to know, but I guess you’ll just have to follow my blog to find out. ; )


What is this blog?

An Interview with an Existence is my way of making sense of the world. As a journalist, I view the world through a pretty critical lens. I ask questions; I expect answers. This blog is my opportunity to share the answers I feel God is revealing to me through life experiences and application of His Word. Expect lots of “Jesus talk,” along with the things I praise God for.

“Both of us need help. I can help make your faith strong and you can do the same for me. We need each other.” Romans 1:12



Press on, my friends.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105



One thought on “About

  1. So pleased to have found your writings through your guest post at Bronwyn’s Corner. Just read your post on young people and the news and found it really interesting. I think your pick up on justice is spot on.

    And well done with the half- marathon! I did my first 10k this year and what a buzz that was!

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